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4Cedi Loan: How To Get a sum of ghc100 to ghc10,000 without collateral using this app.

how to apply for 4cedi loan
how to apply for 4cedi loan


The 4cedi loan app is a Fintech app that gives instant mobile loan to Ghanaian mobile users. It offers a range of personal loans to their customers that get approved without collateral. Their loans are available for in a range of time periods with fixed or variable interest rates, and your chances of getting higher loan increases when you repay your loans on time.

This article will give you a brief overview of how to get a sum of ghc100 to ghc10,000 without collateral using the 4cedi loan app.

What is 4cedi Loan?

4Cedi is an instant mobile loan app, which gives instant access to loans without the need of collateral.

You need to fill your correct personal information and a loan offer will be available to you in a jiffy.

What is the Interest Rate of 4cedi Loan?

The 4cedi loan interest rate ranges from 10% to 29% per annum.
Service charge: 0%.

For example:
If you apply for a loan of GHS20,00, the term is 150 days and the annual interest rate is 20%.

So the daily interest rate=20%/365=0.055%, the interest for 150 days =2000×20%/365×150=164, the totally repayment=2000+164= 2164

How much loan can 4cedi loan give?

4cedi loan offers a Loan Amount of GHS100 ~ GHS10000 – You can only be getting higher loan with lower interest when pay your loan on time.

4cedi loan levels
4cedi loan levels

What is 4cedi Loan term tenure?

4cedi’s Loan Term tenure starts from 7 days to 365 days depending on the amount loaned.

Who Is Eligible For 4Cedi Loan?

The Eligibility of the 4cedi Loan Application are:

  1. The applicant must be a Citizen of Ghana
  2. The applicant must be at the Ages of 22 to 55
  3. The applicant must Fill in the correct personal information about themselves.

How to contact 4cedi loan support team?

Below are the contact information of 4cedi loan, office address and their working hours.

Contact us: 0599606630
Service Email: [email protected]
Address:15 Ring Rd Link, Accra,GHANA
– operating hours:09:00-18:00

How To Apply For 4Cedi Loan?

Now, I am certain that almost all the questions buzzing your mind are answered, it’s time we tackle the actual loan application aspect!

To Apply for the 4Cedi Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download)

After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

4cedi Sign up

4cedi sign up
4cedi sign up

As shown in the Screenshot Above, Fill in the space provided,

  • Phone (054588****)
  • Code(Click on GET, and you shall receive the code to use)
  • Pin (Enter a password you will remember)

Tick “I agree to the Privacy Policy” and Click on Sign Up.

Ps: When you type your phone number, you shall receive a One-time code, use that in the “Enter the OTP” Space.

Borrow Now

If you don’t see a page similar to the one below with Borrow Now botton, you should see a page with Test botton. Click on the Test or Borrow Now Botton.

4cedi loan
4cedi loan

Personal Information

A shown in the Screenshot below, provide accurate information about you to begin with your loan application.

4cedi loan application
4cedi loan application
  • Take photos of old or new Voter ID Card (Make sure is clear)
  • Name (First Name, second and last)
  • Voter ID Number
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Your date of birth

After you should click on NEXT.

Basic Information

Provide Basic Information About yourself.

Company Details

  • Company Name
  • Company Phone/Contact number
  • Company Location

Emergency Contacts

Over here, select two contacts number to serve as Reference. NB: They won’t call them unless you are unable to pay for your loan. Click on NEXT to proceed.

4cedi loan basic information
4cedi loan basic information

Bank Information

Provide the details of the bank you want to receive your loan into.

  • Bank Name (e.g Cal bank)
  • Branch Name (e.g Graphic Road Branch)
  • Bank account number
  • Email Address

Now click on Save.

4cedi bank information
4cedi bank information

Confirm Bank Account Information

You can’t modify the Bank Account details once submitted, so you must re-check your bank account account info before you submit.

4cedi loan bank information confirmation
4cedi loan bank information confirmation

Loan Application

After completion of all the necessary information, the loan offer will be available to you with the actual amount, interest rate, service fee, due amount and term tenure.

4cedi loan application offer
4cedi loan application offer

Please tick “I Agree to Borrowing Agreement” and Click on confirm.

You should receive your loan pretty soon.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to borrow money without a collateral using the 4cedi loan app. If you ever need to borrow money without a collateral, the 4cedi loan app is a great place for you.

This article provides important information on how to borrow a loan and get it approved in few minutes.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask them at 0599606630, you can as well share your thoughts with us in the comments – We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Catherine yeboah says:

    Please I have been trying to call them but thier number is switched off so if they can get to me as soon as possible cox I’m having issues with the loan they disbursed

  2. Samiratu says:

    Please i apply for the loan but i didn’t receive the money. I even try to reach you but your number is switched off please let me know why i haven’t received the money because i don’t want to be arrested for something i didn’t do

  3. eamankwaa 1 says:

    I wanted to give 4cedi a try but it looks like a scam. When i open the app it shows i have been given a loan meanwhile i have not received any amount. It has also affected my credit ratings. Kindly do something about it.

  4. Afful-Prah Sandra says:

    Please i want to repay my loan but there is no number popping up

  5. Sarfo Kantanka Gyan says:

    Am trying to apply for a loan from your outfit but am with absa bank which is not captured among the list of banks in the application form. So what should I do to assess the facility with your outfit thanks

  6. Afful-Prah Sandra says:

    Please am trying to repay my loan and there is no number available and also I tried calling their number but it’s off

    • Nii says:

      Did you find a solution

    • Isaac Nii Quaye says:

      Hi. I quit a loan I requested on 31st December,2022. Since that date it was yesterday my account was credited. I sent a message to hult the process they refused and sent it to me yesterday. I call yesterday it didn’t go through today too your line is off. So pleas give me a number to send it back to you. Thank you.

  7. Rehoboth maal says:

    You tagged me with a defaulter, meanwhile I don’t know anything about your loans. Please come clear and let me know who you are to avoid embarrassment.

    Thank you

  8. Nana says:

    Please I’ve been been trying to repay my lo but there’s no information available for me to use and also their number are not working

  9. Prosper says:

    Am done with the processing but didn’t get the money in my account..why??

  10. Vivian Mornah says:

    Eiiii, what is happening, I applied for a loan , did see it in my account yet when I log in ,they tell me to repay. Are you people real. Worst of it all your lines are off

  11. Riachrd says:

    Please how do you disburse your loan and how do one pays back the loan (what method).

  12. Andrews says:

    I applied for a loan. The app has indicated that the is loan approved and paid into my account but my account has not been credited with the amount. I’ve tried calling the line they provided but not going through. Yet I’ve been given a repayment date to pay. Is this a scam or what?

  13. Andrews TE says:

    No money has been sent to my account but shown on the that they’ve paid. Repayment date is given yet when I call the number no body picks the line. They should call me and request for their money when the repayment date is due and they will see pepper. Scammers

    • Awini David says:

      I have gone through the registration process, after entering everything I get a feedback the account already exist, how possible cos this is my first time.

  14. Clifford Otoo says:

    Since I applied for a loan yesterday, I’ve not received the money yet but I called yesterday that it will be sent into my account.
    How many does will it take for the money to come

  15. Beatrice Amponsah says:

    I applied for loan, you send me message that the money has been paid but when I checked my account there is nothing in it

  16. Ike says:

    Pls I applied for a loan on 27th may and got approval on the app on 30th may but have not reflected in my bank account

    • Sorry Ike, please have you tried calling 4cedi loan to ask them why you’re experiencing this?

      • Daniel A.G says:

        I applied for loan n was called on Wednesday 3/8/2022 that money would be sent either that day or Thursday 4/8/2022 but didn’t receive any money yet only to open the app today 5/8/2022 to my surprise have been given a day to repay thus 12/8/2022 even though I haven’t received any money into the account I gave up. Am only waiting for the day to reach n I get a call or to my friends I used their numbers???

  17. David says:

    I defaulted and you guys are sending a message to my cousin to embarrass me on all social media platforms. I once requested for an installmental repayment of the loan but that was declined. Now, where do you want me to get money to pay up when you guys are giving me pressure buzzing my phone every minute. I will make sure I pay you guys your money as soon as I have it, but that will be the last time I’ll ever take loan from you guys. Ever. The money you guys sent to my account, I was even unable to use all of it. You people are not considerate one bit. I’m so disheartened.

    • Sorry to hear that.

      • Agyei says:

        You people are scammers cause the loan I applied for has not reached my account yet, but u expect me to pay? I pray someone’s son or daughter will call me to claim any money and there, u will smell pepper

  18. Emmanuel Ngoah says:

    How can I repay my loan

    Have been trying to reach you for the past three days but nobody picks up my call

  19. Felicia says:

    I have applied for 4ceding loan but I have not received any money in my account, I dont wanna be arrested for smtin I haven’t done pls, thank you

  20. Prince Oduro says:

    I was calling to take a photo of my ID to update my info but I can’t find where to update that and I have try calling for help but they are not picking the call and because of this my loan is always rejected and this is not the first time I’m getting loan from this institution

  21. Mr mensah says:


    These 4cides are rather fraudsters,
    Here is what they did to one of our co-workers

    Hi, I believe you know(…………..) who works at GreatAndoh Int. School La
    26 years old. He is acting
    deceitfully with regards to paying
    his loan and if you know him kindly
    let him aware that measures will be
    taken against him if he doesn’t
    settle the loan asap. This will be
    his last warning. Thank you for
    Four Cedi loan app

  22. Evans says:

    Please what is the interest rate on your loans

  23. Precious says:

    What u guys re doing is not good I took a loan of 100gh from 4cedis and I have to pay on the 27 of June and today is 28 when they called me I told them am not having money today that I pay on Friday and they started sending messages to all my contacts.

  24. Please I have mistakenly send you wrong Ecobank
    Account number and I want to retrieve the money back for me
    If you can send it to my momo account number

  25. Sweet love says:

    Afterdisgracing me and you expect me to pay never take me to the police I don’t care

  26. Banson says:

    I took a loan from 4 cedi and I have defaulted for some days now due to some circumstances and they have sent messages to almost all my contacts. Why are you guys doing that trying to disgrace me and want me to pay back as well. You guys should stop that

  27. ADELAIDE says:

    I applied for a loan on the 15 of July but didn’t get alert so i call them to cancel ✖️✖️✖️✖️ the loan process still no response how am i sure you are not fake i am really scared 😨😨😨😨 please respond as soon as possible

  28. Alfred Gyepi-Garbrah says:

    Please how do I make repayment of a loan??

  29. Awini David says:

    I have gone through the registration process, after entering everything I get a feedback the account already exist, how possible cos this is my first time.

  30. Twumasi Ankrah says:

    I have applied for the loan and I have not received any message that I have received the money but on the app it shows I have received the money check it for me while I check my account there is no money

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I request for a loan but no money has been sent to my account but shown on the that they’ve paid. Repayment date is given yet when I call the number someone pick but she said she can’t hear my voice. I have try calling again but no one is picking

  32. Christendom Opoku says:

    I am Christendom Opoku an applicant to this app. I requested a loan which is the way I didn’t receive in my account and I’ve been requested to pay the money and I explained everything to them even going to the extent of given them my bank statement. This money a lunatic in your company called to insult me and even messaged ppl of my contact saying a whole a bunch of nonsense to me…Mr.i would want to come to your office so please I need the direction… And pls mind him that I will bring my schnapp and eggs to so he should get the police on me after I’m done with my details are with your agents if you want me reach me out . Thank you

  33. Baldwin Mankattah says:

    I have requested for a loan of 100GH buh up to now it’s not shown in my account

  34. Agbo edem Kwesi says:

    Please this pepleo the are fruod pepleo

  35. Enock Nana Boaky says:

    How do I repay the loan

  36. Daniel A.G says:

    Have applied for loan n was called n they said would either recieve it on Wednesday 3/8/2022 or Thursday 4/8/2022 n today been 5/8/2022 as I open the app have been given 12/8/2022 to pay up even though the loan isn’t reflected in the bank account I gave up. Please what’s actually going on

  37. Lawrence says:

    Pls am not getting the number for the repayment if u can take me thru the process

  38. Hello Frank I applied for a loan from your agency on 28th July 2022, and I was told the money will be sent to me 2days time which is 30th July 2022 but uptill date I had no alert from from my bank or Momo account and just 2days ago I had a message from 4cedi that my loan repayment plan is due so I shld pay , and I told them I have not received any money yet so I can’t repay but they threatened me to send my details on social media that am a fraudster

  39. chris says:

    you people should have patient i have pay ghc 284 and u still want me to pay another 98 why , i only collwcted 200cedis

  40. Abigail Donkor says:

    Please I have apply for a loan since yesterday and it have not been approved so I want to cancel it how do I do it.cause I think I made a mistake somewhere

  41. Abigail Donkor says:

    I apply for a loan and I made a mistake of filling in the information so my loan haven’t been hw do I cancel it please

  42. Kveldulf says:

    It’s a fraudulent and illegally operating loan facilty with outrageous interest rates disguised as processing fees. You apply, they don’t disburse the loan and still threaten you to repay later on. They sent me my pic that they gon publish on social media that I defaulted; I sent them extra pictures to do a collage.

  43. Living legend says:

    I took a lone from you and due to some reasons am paying it a bit by bit but you decide to send messages to my contact telling them am fraudster. So you expert me to pay when I got the money? Even when I applied it was 4days before you sent the money to my account, you should have called to find out that do I still need the loan but you did not and go on sending message to my contact list

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