Get Oracle Cloud VPS hosting free for a Lifetime – Here’s How-To!



One of the most popular cloud hosting providers is Oracle Cloud.

It has many benefits, such as the speed it provides, the optimized services it provides and the high-quality storage.

lifetime free wordpress hosting oracle cloud host 1
lifetime free wordpress hosting oracle cloud host 1

What sets Oracle Cloud from the competition is the lifetime free service available for their VPS hosting.

The biggest perk for this free lifetime VPS is that, it comes with a custom Linux Images, 4 CPUs, 24 GB RAM and a solid 200GB Storage.

This article will show you how to get Oracle Cloud VPS hosting free for a lifetime. – Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started!

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free lifetime oracle cloud hosting 1
free lifetime oracle cloud hosting 1

What can you do with it?​

  • Host WordPress website
  • NodeJS/ Express Application
  • Flask Application
  • Run Docker Application
  • Host Your Own Jupyter (24/7)
  • Run Trading Bot, let it make money for you
  • and many more …

Setting Up Oracle Cloud Server​

Setting up Oracle cloud server is pretty simple and requires no advance skills or certain expertise to perform this simple task!

Step 1: Create an account​

Just head to and finish the registration process.

Although you need to input your credit card, it is just for verification and you dont need to pay anything when using Always Free services.

Step 2: Create VM​

oracle cloud free lifetime vps
oracle cloud free lifetime vps

fig 1. Create a VM instance on Oracle Cloud

After login into your account, click on “Create a VM instance” as fig 1.

According to Oracle [1], all tenancies get the first 3,000 OCPU hours and 18,000 GB hours per month for free for VM instances using the VM.Standard.A1. Flex shape, which has an Arm processor.

For Always Free tenancies, this is equivalent to 4 OCPUs and 24 GB of memory.


So, to get most of the “Always Free” service, you may follow the Shape setting as follow:

oracle cloud vps
oracle cloud vps

fig 2. Create a VM instance on Oracle Cloud
For the SSH option, you may create yourself using PuTTy or use the auto-generated one from Oracle, dont forget to save the SSH key as you need it to remote to your server.
For the Boot Volume, you may input 200 GB as it is the highest possible you can use as an Always Free tier:

free lifetime oracle cloud vps
free lifetime oracle cloud vps

ig 3. Create a VM instance on Oracle Cloud (Specify Boot Volume Size)

Step 3: Connect to VM​

You may connect to your VM by SSH with the private key you generated from the last step with user “opc”.

You may use PuTTy/ MobaXTerm/ OpenSSH in Windows or use Terminal in Mac/Linux to SSH to the server. After you are in, you may try sudo -i; yum update -y; to update all software on your machine.

oracle cloud ssh
oracle cloud ssh

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That is it, your Oracle Cloud VPS is up and running! however, you can check out this DOCUMENTATION if you need further information on Oracle Cloud.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on getting Oracle Cloud VPS hosting free for a lifetime.

If you’re in need of hosting for your website or database, planning on moving your site to the cloud, or just want to try something new with your hosting, you should definitely check out the free hosting offer at Oracle Cloud.

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!


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