Google AdSense payment for November 2022 delayed, what really happened?

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense payment for it publisher in Novemver is been delayed.

Normally, Google AdSense releases payment of publishers whose balance has exceeded the $100 equivalent threshold on 21 of that month.

However, on the 21st of November 2022, due to challenges which is yet to be known, payment was delayed.

This got many publisher worried and leaves them in total panic.

Not until people started complaining on twitter, many ostensibly thought they were the only person in that sinking ship.

I had lots of blogger friends who texted me asking if I’ve received my payment yet.

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screenshot 20221123 133721 tmwhatsapp
screenshot 20221123 133721 tmwhatsapp

Even up to 23rd November as of the time I wrote this article, people has not received their payment yet, it’s still under pending.

screenshot 20221123 133828 tmwhatsapp
screenshot 20221123 133828 tmwhatsapp

Although I have received my payment but payment is still not issued in my AdSense dashboard and the balance is still showing instead of showing as last payment.

screenshot 20221123 132843 firefox 1
screenshot 20221123 132843 firefox 1
screenshot 20221123 132749 firefox
screenshot 20221123 132749 firefox

As it stands now, people are getting paid whiles others are left wondering if Google will pay them or not.

Google AdSense is yet to make known why November 2022 payment was delayed.

But you shouldn’t worry, you aren’t alone and hopefully, you’d receive your payment pretty soon buddy. Keep creating contents.

Read tweets of people complaining about late payments below.

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