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MobiLoan: How To Get an Instant loan of Ghc 5,000 with this app.

mobiloan get an instant loan up to ghc 5000 with this app 2
mobiloan get an instant loan up to ghc 5000 with this app 2


Things are hard, especially when you have a tight budget. Many people often have a lot of expenses that are not covered by the fixed income. This can be a struggle for some people.

One way to get around this difficult is to find ways that can help you borrow money. One way to do this is by using the MobiLoan app. With the mobile loan app, you can borrow up to 5000 cedis and pay it back in installments.

The MobiLoan app is a mobile based loan application that allows you to get a loan of 5000 cedis within 24 hours without having to submit to a bank application.

It was created to help people in need of a loan to get out of a financial bind. MobiLobi is not a regular loan. It’s a quick loan that can be used for emergencies as needed.

So, in this article, We will take a look at how you can take a loan using the mobile loan.

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What is MobiLoan?

MobiLoan is a fintech platform that provides instant personal online loans to eligible Ghanaian customers.

MobiLoan aim to provide customers with high-quality loan products with reasonable interest rates and generous amounts. Allow households to enjoy convenient and fast loan services without leaving their homes.

welcome to mobiloan
welcome to mobiloan

Who Is Eligible For MobiLoan Loan?

The Eligibility of the MobiLoan Application are:

√ Legal citizen of Ghana
√ 22 years of age or older
√ Have a stable monthly income
√ No record of breach of credit and breach of contract

What Makes MobilLoan Better Choice than Its Competitors?

Ostensibly, You might have heard of lots of Mobile Loan apps in Ghana, So, You may be wondering why you should choose MobiLoan Over the lots.

First, MobiLoan’s product interest charges fully comply with relevant requirements, and the comprehensive annualized rate does not exceed 36%.

Second, Users do not need to provide any paper information to obtain loans online throughout the entire process.

Third, Up to GHC5,000. Disburse to your Mobile Money (MTN/Vodafone/AirtelTiog) in a while.

Also, MobiLoan does not share your data with any third parties without your consent. Your data is totally safe with them.

Last but not least, with MobiLoan, All the transactions are secured via a SSL encryption. All the data are transferred over secured connections. All user information will be strictly encrypted, and they promise not to disclose any personal privacy information of users to any third party. All your information will only be evaluated by users for your personal loan eligibility. It will never be used for other purposes.

MobiLoan’s Loan Amount and Loan Term

MobiLoan’s Loan amount ranges from 5000GHS to 300,000 GHS and it has a loan term of 91 days (shortest, including renewal time) – 2 years (longest, including renewal time)

What is MobiLoan’s Interest Rate?

APR:up to 24% and as low as 5% Short term

For example:
If your loan amount is 10,000 GHS,
APR is 20%,service fee is 10% and the term is 91 days.
on the due date, the amount payable is 11498.63 GHS(10,000 * 20% / 365 * 91 + 10,000 + 10,000*10%)

MobiLoan’s Contact Info

If you want to contact MobiLoan support, you can do so via any of the mediums below:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +233 208881814

MobiLoan’s Headquarters.

MobiLoan Headquarters is located at Yawhima, Sunyani, Ghana…

Download Mobiloan Apk

Download the mobLoan APK HERE

How to apply for MobiLoan?

Now, I’m certain most of the frequently asked questions are all answered above, so it’s time for the actual loan application process.

To Apply for the MobiLoan’s Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download). After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

As shown in the image below, Agree to the MobiLoan’s User Privacy Policy to proceed

agree to user privacy policy
agree to user privacy policy

On the next page, enter your phone number in the space provided to enable you receive a one OTP code from MobiLoan.

enter your phone number in mobiloan app
enter your phone number in mobiloan app

A ffour digit code will be sent to your via SMS, kindly type the code into the space provided.

mobiloan otp code
mobiloan otp code

Once that is done, you will be sent to a page similar to the one below, kindly click on Apply Now.

apply for mobiloan
apply for mobiloan

It iis now required to provide some basic information about yourself before the loan can be lent to you.

Personal Information

Under the personal information you will need to provide informations such as:-

  • First Name (e.g Frank)
  • Middle (e.g Osei) this optional
  • Last Name (e.g Nyarko)
  • Select Your Gender (e.g Male)
  • Date of Birth (e.g 19/10/1999)
  • Your Email (e.g [email protected]
  • Your Alternative Number (e.g 0206660157)
  • Marital Status (e.g Single)
  • Are You Schooling (No)

Contact Information

Under Contact information, you’re required to select two people from your phonebook to serve as reference.

Note: MobiLoan Won’t call these people, they will only call them when you can’t pay your loan on time.

Mobile Mobey Wallet

You should select how your loan will be disbursed to you. You need to provide the following:-

  • Wallet Mobile (Enter Your Wallet number. e.g 0545880700)
  • Your Name (The band name your used to register the Momo number. e.g Frank Osei Nyarko)
  • Wallet Channel (e.g MTN Ghana)

You click next to proceed….

Identify Verification

MobiLoan would have to verify your true identity, therefore you need to provide a valid ID of yours.

ID Type

Under ID type, you can choose Old Voter’s ID, New Voter’s ID or Ghana Card.

ID Number

Type in your ID number in the space provided in the MobiLoan app..

Now, tap on next to proceed.

On the next page, the amount your will be given is shown to you with Loan Tenure,

° Interest rate and Service Fee Charged when repayment.

° Total Interest

° Overdue penalty interest (billed daily)

° Disbursal amount

° and Total repayment.

mobiloan application
mobiloan application

If you are ‘OKAY’ with what you’re seeing, Click On APPLY and your loan will be disbursed to you in a jiffy.

screenshot 20221231 081835 mobiloan
screenshot 20221231 081835 mobiloan

How to repay your Mobiloan?

To repay your Mobiloan, kindly refer to our step by step guide on how to Paying back your Mobiloan In 4 simple steps (Click Here)


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on Mobi Loan! We are always excited when we are able to provide valuable information on a topic like this!

This was a quick post, but still had a lot of great information on how to get an instant loan of 5000 cedis. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below and we shall attend to you.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this blog post helpful!

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  1. I just don’t know what this App imply because i don’t understand anythingsays that then says other for more than two weeks to three weeks and all I get is try tomorrow the line is too ocupaded

  2. BISMARK AMOAH says:

    Your interest rate is too big.
    Again the money applied is not given.

  3. Apraku says:

    I have taken loan and I don’t know how pay back please

  4. Kasim says:

    Their interest rates is high and also u do not pay exactly what the person has requested for.

  5. Francisca ewusie says:

    I have been trying to apply for a loan all they keep telling me is to try tomorrow. That’s all they tell every day. I don’t owe you and always pay my loan on time.

  6. Daniel says:

    Hello MobiLoan,
    Please can I apply for GHS 5000 loan on my first time of applying?
    Thank you.

  7. margaret says:

    my loan repayment is due but i dont have a smart phone so how do i pay back pls?

    • Please get a smartphone, install the app and log in with your number to make the payment, don’t send me money to anyone, you should pay through the app.

  8. Issah Kasim says:

    How can one make part payment to fully paid if one can not make full payment at once

  9. Obour Jeffery says:

    Please my time to pay the loan is up but l can’t find the app on play store

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    The app is not available on Google playstore. If you have the apk please post it.
    Thank you

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    Is the app still working?

  12. Abigail gyamfi says:

    This text copied from site Techflaver®
    Read more: MobiLoan: How To Get an Instant loan of Ghc 5,000 with this app.

  13. Hay says:

    Hi please can a first timer get 1500 cedis loan.

  14. Regina Manu says:

    No customer service Incase there’s some difficulty

  15. Michael Buabeng says:

    They have approved my loan but I have waited for more than 4 hours the money has not been paid into my account

  16. Yaw eyiah says:

    I lent the tenure is 91 days but rather 7days why

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    For more than 2weeks now too many applicants try again tomorrow but I need the loan urgently

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