wohiasika instant mobile loan apps in ghana
wohiasika instant mobile loan apps in ghana

WohiaSika: Fintech Platform that Gives Instant Loans Of Gh¢5000 In Just 3 Minutes To Ghanaians

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wohiasika instant mobile loan apps in ghana
wohiasika instant mobile loan apps in ghana


Just as I was surfing the Internet this morning, looking for outstanding Mobile Loan Apps in Ghana, Voalá! There it was, WohiaSika. The Mobile loan App which appears to be having the most Positive Reviews Under its app On Google Play Store.

Before this gold mine, I initially found SikaPurse

, which is Also an Instant Mobile Loan App In Ghana but the Positive Reviews under The WohiaSika’s app seems too good to be true so I decided to give it a shot.

Prior to the discovery of the Wohiasika App, Fido was the number one Fintech/Mobile Loan app in Ghana with a high number of positive reviews under its app on the Google Play Store, I recommended the Fido Loan App, as it was the fastest Mobile Loan App in Ghana then.

Can Wohiasika take Fido’s Place as the best Mobile Lending Platform in Ghana? Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, So we shall figure it out at the end of this article.

What Is WohiaSika?

WohiaSika is an emerging Fintech Platform or Mobile Loan App in Ghana that gives instant from Gh¢ 100 to Gh¢ 5,000. The App is Offered by WohiaSika Ghana, Located at No. 154 Fanofa Street Kokomlemle, Accra – Ghana.

WohiaSika provides loan services based on users’ credit value.

WohiaSika Eligibility

To be eligible for WohiaSika Loan, You must be:

  • 18 – 60 Years Old
  • Ghana Resident
  • Good Credit Score

Loan Amount

WohiaSika can give loans from Gh¢ 100 ~ Gh¢ 5,000. – However, new borrowers can only get 100-200 cedis on their first application.

Loan Term

After taking the loan, you must repay it in the next 91~365 days.

Loan interest

WohiaSika’s Interest rates range from 10.95% to 22.31% per annum

Mathematically, If you apply for a loan of Gh¢ 5,000, the term is 100 days and the annual interest rate is 10.95% and the service rate is 0.
So the daily interest rate=10.95%/365=0.03%, the interest for 100 days =5,000×10.95%/365×100= 150, the total repayment=5,000+150= Gh¢ 5,150.

How to Apply for the Loan?

Download the WohiaSika Loan App from Google Play Store(Click here to Download)

Open or Lunch the App when is finally installed – and Click on ‘APPLY‘ to begin with.

wohiasika mobile loan app
wohiasika mobile loan app

Enter Your Phone Number in the Space Provided In the WohiaSika App and Click On “Get Verification Code”

wohiasika mobile loan apps in ghana
wohiasika mobile loan apps in ghana

You should receive a 4-digit code from WohiaSika, Kindly type the code here!👇👇

wohiasika mobile loan apps
wohiasika mobile loan apps

Since is my first time applying for WohiaSika Loan, I can only get Gh¢ 120 and the Payment tenure given to me is 8days with an interest rate of 0.12% – Click On “APPLY” Once again

wohiasika instant mobile loan apps in ghana
wohiasika instant mobile loan apps in ghana

Click On the “Continue To Borrow” Button as shown in the screenshot below.

wohiasika loan app
wohiasika loan app

Hit The “Confirm” Button to visit the next page!

wohiasika loans
wohiasika loans
loan apps in ghana now
loan apps in ghana now

Now, Click on “To Finish” on each of these and fill them out – Starting from:

  • ID
  • Personal Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Job Information

After successful submission of the above information, follow the prompt, and you shall get your loan in a matter of seconds.


Thanks For Reading, How Helpful was this article? Kindly let me know in the comments section! You can as well check out other Lending apps in Ghana >> Fido Loan, BloomKash Loan, SikaPurse, Lending Papa Loan and Others.

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